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We have over 1000 flight hours, with over 4000 km flown, and over 40,000 ac. scanned/analysed - all without any safety incidents

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PMI Certified Project Managers, and Business Information Technology professionals capable of delivering secure, protected content management services

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Most services can be delivered in very short timeframes, without special flight exemption paperwork delays. This means quicker time-to-deliver with your mission-critical, or time-critical data

Ortho-Rectified Mosaic Imagery

Digitally stitch hundreds of high-resolution aerial photographs into one user-controlled digital image and model.


Health Analysis

Near-IR analysis to determine the health of any type of vegetation. GPS-indicated for inclusion on current GPS farm technologies using the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index. Create GEO-Rx™ management zones to treat each area of your field with differing strategies

Acreage and Property Aerial Inspections/Analysis

Providing never-before seen viewpoints from above allow owners and operators to assess their property and equipment using tools they've never had before

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