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Deliver advancements in RPAS technology innovation to our customers and the market, and deliver timely, high quality spatial data acquisition, that our partners and customers trust to make business and mission-critical decisions.


  • ​We are committed to making IN-FLIGHT Data the industry first choice in advanced RPAS aircraft and services
  • We are committed to being a Canadian RPAS industry leader and subject matter expert
  • We are a Canadian company that values our diversity in leadership
  • We believe in the value that Canadian veterans bring to our company
  • We continually seek out industry and academic collaborations to succeed in advanced and complex regulatory and operational environments
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Our Core Aviation Team

Geographic Information Systems / Data Analysis


Technology Leadership



Tanner McEwan - PIC, Lead Spotter, Safety 

Tanner has a deep rooted passion for RPAS operations and flight. His deep mechanical background has been a welcome asset to the team. Tanner began in RPAS as a hobbyist but was quickly converted to the commercial world. Tanner is excited with the prospect of using RPAS in high-value use-cases; and has proven to be a trend setter within the industry. The quality work he performs progresses the industry forward, as Tanner was one of the first PIC in the world to pilot an RPAS in an major urban metropolitan area, earning him a world record.

Greg Ursel - Air Operations, Special Projects 

Greg is a former fixed wing and helicopter pilot who has spent the last 25 years managing large programs in the oil & gas, health care and public safety sectors.

Greg has received several national awards for introducing new GPS and geospatial technologies in Search and Rescue and has spoken at a number of Search and Rescue conferences including on in Iceland.

Greg will be utilizing his expertise and experience in building and managing large complex programs to work with stakeholders to ensure IN-FLIGHT Data delivers the services needed to meet their needs.

Larry Kopstein - Flight Instructor, Safety, Coach

Larry has over 24,000 hours of aviation flight experience including military, charter and international airline experience. Larry holds his Airline Transport Pilot Licence and, as you can see in his picture, really loves flying the CRJ-900. Larry is also a Simulator Instructor and Examiner, Crew Resource Management Trainer, and a Line Oriented Training Facilitator

Larry joins IN-FLIGHT Data as a Flight Instructor for our RPAS training classes, and also brings a wealth of knowledge of worldwide aviation experience to bear for our students and customers.

Business Development

Lyn Michaud - PIC, Chief Flight Instructor / Examiner, Safety, Special Projects

Lyn has over 25 years of experience as an IT professional managing large projects as well as leading groups of senior technologists.

As a current and active Fixed Wing and RPAS pilot he continues to expand on 30 years in the aviation industry. RPAS/UAV technology and operations continues to be a delightful outlet for creativity in field which will soon overtake manned flight in many areas.

Lyn values passing along hard won expertise as a Lead Instructor, teaching RPAS ground and flight school courses to prospective new pilots

Lyn's extensive background in Search and Rescue as a Senior Search Manager employing the rapidly changing technologies now available such as GIS mapping and GPS has been a bridge to the aviation community and RPAS use in Emergency Management.

As a member of the IN-FLIGHT Data team as PIC, Instructor, Technologist, and Project Lead, Lyn helps ensure quality delivery of solutions to our stakeholders. 

Our AMAZING Support Team

Chris Healy - Owner/Operator, Safety, Leadership, PIC

Chris is a technology veteran, with over 20 years' experience with business technology and process design projects. His passion for RPAS/UAS is unmatched in the industry, and he is the leader behind the recent BVLOS projects.

Chris sits as the only Canadian member of GUTMA, as well as a core team member (Operator Status) of the Transport Canada Working Group for RTM/UTM systems. Chris is also leading the Operators Subgroup for RTM systems. As well, Chris also contributes to the BVLOS Advisory Group and Advanced RPAS Flight Review Standards. 

Chris also is a contributing member to the Alberta Government RPAS Governance Committee and is actively involved in bringing leading edge RPAS technology to bear for Fire and Search and Rescue First Responders