Our experience with the Incident Command System as part of

Emergency and Disaster Response, we support local Search and Rescue

Teams with UAS Program Management, aerial spatial data acquisition, data

analysis, and real-time field reporting to Search Managers and Tasking Agencies

Our unique experience, in concert with with the Alberta Office of the Fire Commissioner, standardizing RPAS governance policy and procedures helped create the first standardized provincial RPAS SAR program in Canada.

This important and ground-breaking work was nominated for a prestigious

Safety Award at the AUVSI Xcellence Awards in 2018, and we continue

to work with national regulatory stakeholders to develop and implement

a standard, robust and trusted SAR RPAS program for the province of Alberta.

Municipalities are using RPAS to reduce operating costs, and by extension reduce municipal tax rates, by doing a lot more with a lot less. By using RPAS to provide data input into land-use surveys and assessments, inspections and detection, City and Town Managers are able to reduce their risk exposure to corporate equipment and staff, while collecting trusted data about aging municipal assets and infrastructure. 

Stakeholders are able to collect and review more data about their assets, more often, and on a much more rapid schedule, often times using their existing operational budgets.

8 km of BVLOS high streamflow river surveillance during flood season

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Search and Rescue

Large Scale Agriculture

Whether its an aerial imagery program for 9-1-1 services using authoritative spatial data, or providing professional consulting for developing a multi-RPAS program for emergency response, public safety continues to benefit from real-time data acquisition using RPAS flight.

Urban/Rural Fire and Law Enforcement departments continue to benefit from RPAS to ensure life-safety of both first responders and the public, by providing safe and real-time information to Command, enabling officials to save lives faster, collect and distribute situational awareness to field personnel quicker and achieve better outcomes


Approved for Night RPAS Operations in Canada

Data is the engine that drives business in the new economy

Municipal Operations

RPAS Flight Operations

Public Safety

We have over 4 years of experience in large-scale agriculture spatial data acquisition, analysis and rapid data report delivery. Delivering ultra-accurate spatial data for precision agriculture prescriptions, crop insurance documentation and grower decision support for calculating crop inputs, supporting equipment maintenance, and year-round agronomy support using change detection over time, we have the experience you need to gather, process and understand your data 

BVLOS flight to assess new graveyard site in the City of Calgary

Approved for RPAS Operations over People in Canada

Experienced RPAS Operations gathering spatial data for the energy industry, to ensure energy operators have the time-sensitive operational data for asset integrity assessment,  environmental and geospatial analytics, engineering integrity and compliance, detection and inspection of assets, equipment and facilities, and the integration of data with existing enterprise systems ​

Oil and Gas Energy

Approved for specific BVLOS Operations in Canada