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Twice-Nominated for AUVSI Xcellence Award (Safety, Training - 2018 Denver)

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Advanced ELITE RPAS Pilot Training

IN-FLIGHT Data - RPAS drone UAS UAV Training
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Our Advanced RPAS / Drone training course was last audited by the Transport Canada RPAS Center for Excellence in February 2020, and meets the TP15263 standard "Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of Small RPAS Operating Within Visual Line of Sight, Less than 25 kg"

Advanced RPAS Pilot training is focused in the following knowledge areas:

Advanced RPAS Flight Review Description
This advanced-level RPAS Flight Review is designed for people who have successfully passed their Advanced RPAS exam but still require their Flight Review. The Flight Review adheres to the regulatory changes made by Transport Canada, effective June 1 2019, and industry’s technology shift towards safe, effective, and efficient operations.

This review is designed to validate the Advanced RPAS Pilot-candidate's knowledge of the regulations, and verify the pilot's ability to fly their RPAS in the advanced operational environment.

In order to be a legally-recognized Advanced RPAS pilot by Transport Canada, a passing mark on both the Advanced RPAS exam, and in-person Flight Review, is required to successfully obtain your Advanced RPAS Pilot Permit. Upon successful completion, this review gives the Advanced RPAS Pilot-candidate the required validation of flight skill to Transport Canada, in order to for the candidate to successfully receive their Advanced RPAS Pilot Permit rating

Additional Information
Student Self-Study Requirements: Successfully passed the Transport Canada Advanced RPAS exam, and a valid Transport Canada Certificate of Registration. Students are required to bring their own Safety-Assured drone to the flight review, and be prepared to answer specific questions about their aircraft and its specifications/limitations. Students will also be expected to perform a site survey that meets Transport Canada requirements, in addition to performing a flight with objectives that will be evaluated by the Flight Reviewer and submitted to Transport Canada.

We are also able to administer the Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (ROC-A) credential recognized by Transport Canada and Industry, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada to legally operate a Aeronautical Radio in Canada. This credential is required by NAV Canada to operate in Advanced or Complex flight environments, however it is not mandatory to write the ROC-A exam in order to pass the Flight Review. It is optional only.

The cost of the In-person Flight Review is not included in the cost of our Advanced RPAS course.

Flight Reviews are scheduled in-advance and are completed near Okotoks, AB


Thank you very much for your interest. 

Requests for Flight Reviews will be handled on an individual basis. All requests for a flight review are subject to instructor availability, and minimum flight requirements including visual meteorological conditions

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Advanced RPAS 3-day Training Class



Past Student Feedback

  • "Got our drone licenses ...thanks Chris and Lyn for the excellent class that prepared us to take the exam! Happy gals!!! :-)"


  • "Thanks again for the great course – it was packed with tons of knowledge that would otherwise take much longer to learn, and it really helped me identify gaps in my knowledge for where I should be making improvements."


  • "Very well designed for target audience. Starts with Basic first. THANK YOU!"

  • "Great course! I would not have been able to pass the Transport Canada exam without the help of the instructors"
Advanced RPAS Training

In-Person Flight Reviews (audited by TC-RCE in Feb 2020)

With physical distancing and increased sanitation

Basic RPAS Training

Advanced RPAS Flight Review


​Scheduled in-advance


​RPAS Pilot training for all RPAS pilots, both recreational and commercial pilots, operating RPAS up to 25 kg

Taught by experienced aircraft and Advanced RPAS pilots

Over 30,000 hours of combined commercial, recreational and military flight experience

ADVANCED RPAS Training Course (audited by TC-RCE in Feb 2020)

Classes run from 8:00am to 5:00pm each day

Training Includes hands-on practice with:

  • Proper Site Surveys, to get it right the 1st time
  • Flight Review Information and practical knowledge
  • Exam Practice, with three practice exams to boost your confidence to pass the new exam

Delivering Advanced RPAS Training, Advanced Flight Reviews and ROC-A Certification

Transport Canada AUDITED​ & Registered RPAS Education Provider

Transport Canada Certified - Advanced RPAS Flight Review Examiner

  • RPAS Overview
  • Civil/Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • Airspace and Law
  • Aeronautical Navigation
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • General Aeronautics Knowledge
  • Theory of Flight
  • Flight Instruments
  • Flight Operations
  • Human Factors
  • Aeronautical Radio Operations
  • Aeronautical Radio Communications
  • Ground Crewmember Radios

Advanced RPAS Course Description
This advanced-level RPAS ground school program responds to the CAR Part IX regulatory changes made by Transport Canada in 2019, and industry’s technology shift towards safe, effective, and efficient operations.

This course is designed to provide the student with all of the federally-required knowledge to become a Advanced RPAS Pilot recognized by Transport Canada, and to legally operate a RPAS in Advanced environments in Canada.

In order to be a legally-recognized Advanced RPAS pilot by Transport Canada, a passing mark on both the Advanced RPAS exam administered by Transport Canada, and an in-person Flight Review, is required to successfully obtain your Advanced RPAS Pilot Permit. Upon successful completion, this course gives the student the required knowledge to write the new, on-line Transport Canada exam. 

Additional Information
Student Self-Study Requirements: Approximately 20 hours of self-study outside of the class, in addition to the 24 hours of classroom instruction, is advised to successfully pass the Transport Canada Advanced RPAS exam as well as the in-person Flight Review. Previous experience with RPAS flight is highly recommended.

Included in the cost of the course is a 360+ page, full color digital workbook. The course textbook, Unmanned, is about $90 and is available from Calgary Pilot Supply here. The textbook is highly recommended and referenced often during the course, but not mandatory.

The cost of the in-person Flight Review is not included in the cost of the course.

PLEASE NOTE: For this course, a $50 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration, via Square secure payment link, with the remainder due seven (7) calendar days prior to the course date.