Geo-referenced Ortho-mosaic Maps

  • Same GSD accuracy as orthomosaic maps
  • Very high resolutions
  • 3D modeling & simulations
  • Perform slope, azimuth, flooding simulations, and other accurate measurements
  • GIS-ready

Because we are natively compatible with:

LAS - Point Cloud (Photogrammetric)

  • Comparable to LiDAR point clouds
  • 3D with same GSD as orthomosaic maps
  • Perform accurate cut/fill volumetric analysis
  • Dense: 90km² survey area generates 50 - 60 million points, on average

Why our data?

...and not just for farms or energy...

SHP (Shape) Files

PLY / OBJ - 3D Triangle Mesh

  • Low Cost
  • On-Demand Service - No SFOC required
  • Very high resolutions
  • Survey-grade data products
  • LiDAR comparable
  • 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of LiDAR or Traditional Survey
  • 1/10 the time of Traditional Survey


  • Geographically Referenced
  • GSD as little as 2.0 cm/px
  • Accuracies less than 2cm possible
  • RGB, NIR, Multi-spectral and Thermal imagery available
  • GIS-ready
  • Products native to Google Earth, and Google Earth Pro
  • Open as KML or HTML
  • Mapbox tiles with maximum resolution

Google Maps (KML) and Mapbox Tiles

DSM - Digital Surface Model

  • Globalmapper
  • Bentley Microstation
  • Trimble Realworks and InPho
  • AutoDesk
  • and MANY other leading brands of GIS, Survey, Photogrammetry, mapping, 3D scanning, and remote sensing software tool suites