• John Deere 2630 (GS3)
• Ag Leader Integra & Versa
• Precision Planting 20/20
• Trimble Farm Works
• Ag Leader SMS

​Annual Farm/Ranch Health Contracts


A typical report contains over a dozen different types of scans and maps, each designed to tell you something different about your property.


1. Each site visit will produce a report, with ALL of the maps included, plus an analyst will provide some insight and initial guidance for you to take immediate and direct action to improve your land and livestock.

2. Each visit will produce a number of digital files for you to review at home on your computer*, such as Google Earth tiles and LAS files for use in completing very accurate digital measurements on your map files
*minimum computer performance specifications apply

3. On-going support from IN-FLIGHT Data for the duration of your contract

4. Additional digital files are available for Variable-Rate Technology (VRT) / Precision Agriculture for $499. 

5. 3D-rendered fly-through movies can also be produced from your data, to allow landowners to view their land as-if they were in the UAV

$199 Quick-Check Inspection or Scout!!

Quick Vertical Inspection (VTOL) - One Battery Limit

(approx. 12 min) Visible Spectrum Photography only

Perfect to get a quick look or perform a quick inspection not requiring multiple levels of detail or analysis

VTOL Aerial Inspection/Photography

One Subject / One Location / One Hour:


Add-on an additional subject:


SFOC Preparation and Stewardship

Application preparation and submission:

$800.00 flat fee, plus $175/hr. (billed by 1/4 hr.)

PLEASE NOTE: Some services cannot be delivered on-demand due to regulatory and other constraints. We will work with you to understand your needs and do our best to deliver your data in a safe and legal manner.

All prices subject to fees and GST