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Once you have selected and acquired the right technology for your organization, its time to use pilot training, in addition to field-tested procedures, protocols and training to realize the full potential of your new drone program technology to save time, costs or lives.

Creating Enterprise RPAS Programs

“These comprehensive UAV procedures and standards are what I consider to be the gold standard that we, as Emergency Managers, should be aiming for.” – EOC Command Mentor, Lead ICS Instructor, High River EMX

"(IN-FLIGHT Data) is an incredible asset to (UAS Program Development) not just as UAV pilots, but as professional and technical experts who can help build the policies, procedures, processes, training and maintenance requirements for a deployable team for (Public Safety Agency)." - Disaster Emergency Manager, Community Resilience, City of Vancouver

“(IN-FLIGHT Data) does exceptional work.  They are both very professional and thorough.  Their analysis, interactions and documentation are of very high caliber.  They are always willing to go over and above the call of duty to ensure project success is attained.” - Business Lead, Government

"(IN-FLIGHT Data) is a process driven company that is passionate about their business and the value it can bring to their clients. They are very response to customer needs and adapts their process based on their requirements.           (IN-FLIGHT Data) ensures that their work is top notch and meets the requirements of all stakeholders." - Business Project Manager, Large Agribusiness 

"I worked with (IN-FLIGHT Data) as a client for a pilot project for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to scout farm fields. Their work was excellent and they delivered on their commitments and kept us well informed throughout the pilot project. Their passion for this field is unmatched and they were a pleasure to work with." - Manager, Projects, Large Agribusiness

Often times, organizations purchase a drone without full consideration of their current and future use cases, or cost-benefit analysis. We work with most major compliant OEM, and can assist you in making the right technology acquisition the first time.

Training for Cost Effective Use 

IN-FLIGHT Data collaborates with a variety of agriculture, energy and public sector clients to build their RPAS program capacity within their organization, for both VLOS and BVLOS. This includes the governance and policy work to define an organization's use cases. Our work is tailored to each RPAS program project and may include regulatory consulting, assistance with technology and software selection, and training prior to deployment.

This often includes custom development of Operations Manuals and Procedures for full regulatory approval of commercial operations. Each organization is fully-supported as they embark on RPAS operations development.