IN-FLIGHT Data  maintains all of its equipment and processes in accordance with multiple safety standards organizations


When you are searching for a company to provide UAV services, make sure their Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) processes are not only adequate, but meet the requirements of your organization.

Does your UAV data supplier meet these standards? 

Here's how IN-FLIGHT Data meets your organization's HSE requirements:

1. IN-FLIGHT Data (IFD) is 100% WCB registered and compliant for all of our staff and contractors, and is fully compliant with CSA Z96-09 Class 2, Level 2; ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 Class 2, Level 2 in WCB/Worksafe/DOT safety configuration 

2. IFD is Transport Canada compliant (SFOC#ATS-14-15-**417) and is a registered Complex Operations Operator with Transport Canada and NAV Canada, with permission to operate in Class C, D, E and G airspace, in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Canadian Arctic.

3. Our flights meet all Transport Canada applicable UAV <25kg specifications, and all of our staff meet or exceed the Transport Canada knowledge requirements for Pilots of Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems UAV 25kg or less VLOS 1st Edition August 2014

4. IFD operates with very stringent processes that follow established aviation guidelines, including Standard Operating Procedures and Processes, Standard Operating Checklists, as well as Documented Emergency Procedures.

5. IFD vehicles meet Alberta Transportation Safety requirements for working on a roadside, and our vehicle is compliant with ASTM-D-4956-90, Type V safety, and our field electrical equipment meets UL458 standard for vehicles

6. IFD Vehicle Safety Lighting meets all applicable SAE J584, J593, J594, J595, and J845 Class 1, NFPA, and California Title 13 Specifications; ECE 65 specifications for exterior lighting

7. IFD has processes and procedures in place for organizing and closing public roadways with permission from the provincial government (Alberta Transportation Section 35 AR 122/2009 compliant)

8. IFD equipment is certified to meet CSA standard C22.2 No. 107.1 and UL 458 FCC Class A. 

IN-FLIGHT Data understands that the safety of persons, property and animals is paramount.

We honour and protect your trust with us, and consistently strive for 100% safety of operations and flight.


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